11 Yankee Point, Carmel, CA


2 Bedroom / 2 Bathroom Single Family Home



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11 Yankee Point Private BeachPrivate Beach Access


11 Yankee Point Carmel BackyardBackyard Facing Ocean


11 Yankee Point Private Beach

Private Beach Cove


11 Yankee Point Living Area and Kitchen

LivingRoom, Entry and Kitchen


11 Yankee Point Carmel Loft2nd Floor Loft


11 Yankee Point 3rd Floor Loft

3rd Floor Loft


11 Yankee Point Carmel Ocean Sunset

Ocean Sunset View from Deck


Mal Paso Creek Access

Mal Paso Beach Access




· 1,822 sq.ft.

· 264 sq.ft add-on

· 18,516 sq.ft. lot

· 2 Bedroom / 2 Bathroom

· 2nd floor loft expansion potential

· 3rd floor loft

· Ocean views from all floors

· Work-from-home on separate floors

· Carmel Highlands

· Carmel School District

· Private beach access

· 6 miles to Carmel / 9 miles to Monterey

· Minutes to Big Sur Coast

· Mal Paso Creek Beach access


Area Map


11 Yankee Point Carmel Area Map



Plot Map


11 Yankee Point Carmel Plot Map





Download PDF Brochure


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